Conundrum Chainmail

I received a political Conundrum chain mail. I thought it only appropriate to rebuttal, not in favor or against a party, but to highlight reality, the power of propaganda & the lack of research or critical thinking.

Feel free to refute my responses, I am always up for sharpening the saw. Below, my responses are not bolded. Watch out for hyperlinks for additional resources.


  1. America is capitalist and greedy – yet half of the population is subsidized.

Americans actually pay more taxes, when you consider all the hidden taxes, annual income and state tax, sales tax etc full taxes/fees Americans pay is:

  • Federal income tax
  • State income tax
  • Local income tax
  • Employee social security tax (your employer pays the other half)
  • Employee Medicare tax (your employer pays the other half)
  • Property taxes
  • Road toll charges
  • State sales tax
  • Driver’s license renewal fee
  • TV Cable/Satellite fees & taxes
  • Federal telephone surtax, excise tax, and universal surcharge
  • State telephone excise tax and surcharge
  • Telephone minimum usage and recurring/nonrecurring charges tax
  • Gas/electric bill fees & taxes
  • Water/sewer fees & taxes
  • Cigarette tax
  • Alcohol tax
  • Federal gasoline tax
  • State gasoline tax
  • Local gasoline tax
  • Federal inheritance tax
  • State inheritance tax
  • Gift tax
  • Bridge toll charges
  • Marriage license
  • Hunting license
  • Fishing license
  • Bike license fee
  • Dog permit/license
  • State park permit
  • Watercraft registration & licensing fees
  • Sports stadium tax
  • Bike/nature trail permit
  • Court case filing fee
  • Retirement account early withdrawal penalty
  • Individual health insurance mandate tax
  • Hotel stay tax
  • Plastic surgery surcharge
  • Soda/fatty-food tax
  • Air transportation tax
  • Electronic transmission of tax return fees
  • Passport application/renewal fee
  • Luxury & gas-guzzler car taxes
  • New car surcharge
  • License plate and car ownership transfer taxes
  • Yacht and luxury boat taxes
  • Jewelry taxes & surcharges
  • State/local school tax
  • Recreational vehicle tax
  • Special assessments for road repairs or construction
  • Gun ownership permit
  • Kiddie tax (IRS form 8615)
  • Fuel gross receipts tax
  • Waste Management tax
  • Oil and gas assessment tax
  • Use taxes (on out-of-state purchase)
  • IRA rollover tax/withdrawal penalties
  • Tax on non-qualified health saving account distributions
  • Individual and small business surtax (page 336 of Obamacare)
  • Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
  • Alternative Minimum Tax on income
  • Business Taxes & Fees
  • Federal corporate income tax
  • State corporate income tax
  • Tax registration fee for new businesses
  • Employer social security tax
  • Employer Medicare tax
  • Federal unemployment tax
  • State unemployment tax
  • Business registration renewal tax
  • Worker’s compensation tax
  • Tax on imported/exported goods
  • Oil storage/inspection fees
  • Employer health insurance mandate tax
  • Excise Tax on Charitable Hospitals (page 2001/Sec. 9007 of Obamacare)
  • Tax on Innovator Drug Companies (Page 2010/Sec. 9008 of Obamacare)
  • Tax on Medical Device Manufacturers (Page 2020/Sec. 9009 of Obamacare)
  • Tax on Health Insurers (Page 2026/Sec. 9010 of Obamacare)
  • Excise Tax on Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans, i.e. “Cadillac” plans
  • Tax on indoor tanning services
  • Utility users tax
  • Internet transaction fee (passed in California; being considered in other states and at federal level)
  • Professional license fee (accountants, lawyers, barbers, dentists, plumbers, etc.)
  • Franchise business tax
  • Tourism and concession license fee
  • Wiring inspection fees
  • Household employment tax
  • Biodiesel fuel tax
  • FDIC tax (insurance premium on bank deposits)
  • Electronic waste recycling fee
  • Hazardous material disposal fee
  • Food & beverage license fee
  • Estimated income tax underpayment penalty
  • Building/construction permit
  • Zoning permit fees

Therefore, while it would appear the lump taxes are paid by “socialist” countries, such as Denmark, France etc, in totality Americans pay more, when you consider education is not “free”, healthcare is not “free” and disproportionate. It would appear at a glance we pay 24% taxes compared to their 40%, but when you take into account my education, healthcare, daycare costs, nursing home care etc and taxes on top of this, I actually pay 67% ‘taxes’ for the same services received in Denmark etc. and in cases of nursing homes, you will lose all your assets, so that’s 100% nice try though.


The brunt of our tax dollars are being lost in hidden industries, such as prisons, which has increased incarceration at 600% is the past 30 years but has not made our society any better, though is becoming more and more privatized, so body counts cover corporate stakeholders, all while spewing propaganda that the masses eat up, such as emails like this.

Capitalist on a major level are, you know the folks who can actually sponsor a legislature, not on our level, yes.

  1. Half of the population is subsidized – yet they think they are victims.

Why does the word “victim” come up, any one who is getting screwed by the government is indeed, fight them not your people. Half of the population is subsidized because hidden industry is eating away at the tax dollars we pay. 8 trillion dollars recently went missing in defense, I heard no major news reporting this, and no one seems to care. This is public records, because it has to. Accounting clearly shows purchases for items already over stocked in inventory, yet purchased even more. As well as money that was paid out with no explanation as to why, or straight out not accounted for. The government does not have to explain, Sovereign Immunity. If not for the lack of accountability, perhaps we’d have better schools, better healthcare, better everything instead of your taxes dollars disappearing quietly to private companies and in fact other countries. The solution is being mistaken for Socialism (which is not a dirty word, more propaganda) the truth is it would be government accountability with our dollars, good luck with that one however.

  1. They think they are victims – yet their representatives run the government.

Who thinks they are a victim? None of the hard-working broke people I know, that’s largely an illusion to propagate people into thinking they should work more hours and live more like dogs in order to be legit. Representatives do not represent us. They represent whoever they are sponsored by, private corporations, ya know, such as pharmaceutical companies, weapons industry, prisons, etc. where the money comes back. “the money” our money, and get caught on nominal debating such as we need to cut food stamps, please…


  1. Their representatives run the government – yet the poor keep getting poorer.

All people are getting poorer, but you see it most at the bottom because the bottom earners are working for the least amount of money, the agenda is siphoning more and more cash away from everyone. You’ll see the hurt at the bottom first obviously, you’ll assume it’s one sides fault over another, it’s a rouse. 


  1. The poor keep getting poorer – yet they have things that people in other countries only dream about.

Perhaps, this hasn’t been a third world country in any of our lifetimes, if it were you can expect a total anarchy, you have to let the people keep some of their earnings after all… The government hardly hands out help, I should know. This is a non-logical sentence all around.

  1. They have things that people in other countries only dream about – yet they want America to be more like those other countries.

Who are they? Us, as in all of us? People of America want more accountability from the government but they are conflicted with how to make that happen. They are generally stupid and thoroughly confused, and the propaganda all over keeps them that way, as intended. It’s sustainable by stupid emails like this. 

Think about it! And that, my friends, pretty much sums up the USA in the 21st Century.  Makes you wonder who is doing the math.

I have thought about it, it’s nearly all I think about. But no one is listening. No one is doing the REAL math, people are staying confused and blissfully unaware but for bitching and taking zero action, thinking their way is the right way and their votes count. It matters? Join me in protest! I thought not…

These three, short sentences tell you a lot about the direction of our current government and cultural environment:

These sentence tell me how I should I think and not to conduct my own research, but I know better.

  1. We are advised to NOT judge ALL Muslims by the actions of a few lunatics, but we are encouraged to judge ALL gun owners by the actions of a few lunatics.

Wrong, at one time “colors” couldn’t share the same area as whites, “japs” couldn’t either, now what? Women couldn’t get jobs, credit, or vote, we still are getting screwed in many ways. Now Muslims, history should have taught us something, but it turns out not. We were just celebrating the death of a great Muslim, Ali, and now we are condemning all? HAS HISTORY TAUGHT NO ONE NOTHING?!?

I’m sorry, why did you all fight for civil rights again? Why don’t you undo that… No, obviously because it’s stupid.

The problem is psychos.

No one is threatening to take away guns, again propaganda.

The suggestion is heavy artillery, which only became legal in 2005 when mass shooting significantly increased. 

Furthermore, agreed, maybe laws won’t stop anyone from getting their hands on a AR15 if illegal, but I have yet to see a person use it for legal purposes, such as stopping one of these mass shootings.

Fighting to keep that kind of gun seems stubborn just for the sake of. Switzerland gun ownership is 1 in 2 people, who are trained young and all must serve the country at least 2 years. Theres a respect for artillery, finally, automatic weapons are banned there.

Switzerland has the lowest gun incident rating. The answer is, no one is judging gun owners, people are judging automatic weapons and lunatics, duh

At least better background checks, hell it’s easier to get a gun than it is sudafed.

Funny how that works. And here’s another one worth considering…

  1. Seems we constantly hear about how Social Security is going to run out of money. But we never hear about welfare or food stamps running out of money! What’s interesting is the first group “worked for”their money, but the second didn’t.

Yes, of course we do, that’s part of propaganda honey. First, our highest expense is “defense”, you know where money disappears and NO ONE is talking about it. Second is Social security, why? The largest portion of our population retiring and the greedy government does not want to give up our money, so they have to blame it on an expense lower of the total poll, social programs. Yeah, the area where people are making such low money, taxed to death, paying for private insurance, college and so forth that they should also take the blame for this.

The government can’t after all. Feel free to do away with those programs, it will not happen. Why? Because then my dear when parents have starving children you will see an anarchy like no other, the government can’t have that.

Think about it…..and Last but not least 

  1. Why are we cutting benefits for our veterans, no pay raises for our military and cutting our army to a level lower than before WWII, but we are not stopping the payments or benefits to illegal aliens.

Are you serious, really, did you not read anything I stated above. Please review, government hustlers pitting one another against each other to take the focus off them, judging by the content of this, it worked like magic.

Am I the only one missing something?

You are many of the sheeple who are, yes you’re missing a lot

 “If you do not take an interest in the affairs of your government, then you are doomed to live under the rule of fools.” – Plato


Awesome quotes do not make a tidbit any more credible. Stop drinking the kool-aid and focus on all politicians and not the circus of dividing. Lets stat evaluating the Electoral system.


2nd Chances

The three biggest factors to recidivism are a support system, employment & permanent home address. I find it ironic when thinking in terms of support system being the start and end issue. Certainly that was at least a contributor to failure at the start, whether it is an actual crime or not knowing your rights or representation. 50% of parolees are successful in meeting their conditions, 60% of probationers are as well. Not impressed? I wasn’t until I learned that of those 85% who return are due to technical violations, such as not having a job. As our impact list indicates, this touches everyone in the community and is more than just a humanitarian effort if the bottom line is strictly your concern.
Speaking of support system, I’ll explain briefly a very traumatic & deep part of my life in growing up with my primary caretaker, my mother. A woman who passed away just a few short years ago; in losing her, my emotions were complex. As any person living with a relative with mental illness can attest. She was schizophrenic & epileptic. Have you seen A Beautiful Mind? Unlike a couple hour movie for the purposes of deep thinking & entertainment, that was my life growing up. My father, in the military, and always working; otherwise he was not around. He was honorable, but not present.
Moving every few years, either to a new state or new town; being dyslexic, I was the new kid showing up dressed in missed-match clothing and stinking of sweat as I raised myself. I can tell you first hand I didn’t do a top notch job, but I tried. Try as I may, I wasn’t just caring for myself. In some ways I was caring for my mother as well. In some respects my brother, who had other afflictions. As you can presume for myself and others who come from a lack of support, you often times find yourself attaching to whoever will have you. I can honestly say, I had no confidence, and no standard for which I felt I deserved quality people in my life which resulted in a lot of rework. At the very least I wasted a few years trying to fit in the wrong support system.
I am no angel; I’m willing to bet no one is. In fact I had my fair share of criticism from teachers and other authority figures. Not necessarily for the reasons you may think. I was critical, and didn’t fail to share my thoughts. “Mouth” was my nickname, not because I talked incessantly, but because my communication packed a wallop. In this way, I sure didn’t gain alliances. All these factors created the perfect storm. I attracted the wrong people, with a misconception of what I stood for, & in turn I had no personal value to which I was selective or whom I should be affiliated with.
Eventually, I worked as a cashier at a grocery store at 18 years old. One night, I was pulled aside where it was explained to me that a couple hundred dollars was missing from my cash drawer. Though I had a mouth, I did respect authority, specifically in intimidating situations. Pulled off to a side room, where one loss prevention person set their chair in front of the door, it was explained to me I wasn’t leaving until I agreed to the written terms. It’s interesting in hindsight; if one should refuse to contribute without an attorney present, which is our right, though I would be deemed guilty by onlookers just on virtue.
Interesting factors in my case, I was under duress undoubtedly. As a cashier previously, I thought it odd that I never witnessed a count of my drawer; I simply slide it into a hole in the literal wall for a “cash office” to count down without any knowledge of the outcome. After long hours of insistence, I signed the documentation loss prevention put before me. I reconciled that I would deal with it later, not realizing I had sealed my fate. I was tired, I was hungry, and I was scared. I wanted to go home. I wanted to ask a “grown up” what I should do, but no one was available to me. I signed the document.
I was dismissed from the job. Over time, my most pressing concern was getting a new job, as I had lived on my own and going back to my parent’s home was not an option. Steadily I received letters from my former employer insisting that I “pay back” the loss from the cash drawer. Broke and barely making it, I concluded I would not do so since I felt there was nothing to substantiate this. The letters specifically stated “may or may not press charges” & I felt that if I had paid the money it would warrant pressing charges, in presumably admitting guilt.
As time went on, the letters continued & the amount demanded increased, as my former employer added interest, bringing the amount from a misdemeanor to a Class D felony as I would learn. A complicated set of circumstances created the perfect storm, and it was official, charges were indeed brought against me & filed. I was fortunate in that growing up somewhat orphaned, families of my friends would look out for me where they could. It was then all hands were on deck, as they advised I needed an attorney.
My dad sought out the best attorney he could find. I had plans to enlist into the military, after all and this would significantly impact that. This hotshot lawyer bragged of his no losing streak. Indeed, as we had later learned, after paying him a pretty penny he advised me to plead out. Scared at the concept of facing prison time of 5 years, he advised us the risk was there, we should take a plea, and that I did. I asked if letters from community leaders and peers would help? He advised strongly against it. Being “mouth”, I did it anyway. Fortunately the judge decided at sentencing that if not for those letters I would have served a significant time for a new felon. He had mercy on me and had me serve two weeks. Resolved right? No.
In jail, I learned little nuances that one could never know of this culture. Such as, I wasn’t aware I couldn’t wear undergarments that weren’t white. Upon coming into jail I was ordered not only to a strip search, but to dress in jail attire without underwear. No big deal right? No. It would be a cruel twist of fate that I had started my period just a couple days in. It turns out, if other inmates see you bleeding you will get beat up. I also didn’t know the secret culture in which you must shower your first day there, or you will get beat up as well. I can tell you, taking a shower without shower shoes and risking a fungal infection was not a high priority on my list, but I did so with the advice of a fellow inmate looking out for me. She gave me menstrual pads to stand on. Sounds funny, but it’s a real problem. Starting my menstrual cycle was a big deal because you can’t let others see you bleed, though in my case they likely would. Why? I had no underwear, and you do not get tampons, unless you buy tampons. I had pads, but nothing to stick them to.
My jumpsuit was over sized, you get what you get. The crotch of it came down to my knees. I slept on the floor since it was overcrowded for a while, on newspaper. I sat in one spot as long as I could, with any pads I could get or homemade toilet paper made pads. I was a criminal after all. Though I wasn’t guilty of this, I am not without folly and justified to myself, I deserved this. “You can have tampons, if you can buy them” a nurse advised me. You buy items with money on your book (account). How do you arrange that? I had asked any and all support system I could if someone would answer my collect call. Visibly bleeding was problem because it’s considered a risk; infectious disease is a serious problem in jails and prisons. I had learned I was surrounded by many women who had HIV/AIDs from prostitution or otherwise. Finally I got a bunk; top which turns out is not what you want. It was of course the perfect size for a small child. Getting in and out of it tore up my legs.
Finally, I got out of jail. On my last day, just hours before I was released, I got a bag of items I ordered through my account. Items such as toothpaste, tampons, etc. it took two weeks to process, so I no longer needed it as I was being released that day. I started with visiting a probation officer on my full day of freedom. Where I learned I would need to abide my very strict standards. He explained I could not drink; I could not have an empty beer can in my trash whether it was from myself or someone else, as random home and job site search would commence. I could not have expired tags, I had to have a place to live, I had to have a job, & more. If I did not abide by these rules, I would go back to jail to serve out the rest of the 5 years. I was scared to death, I was young and I knew my friends would drink or anything else. I couldn’t even be in their presence without being at risk. How could I know if they had a substance on them? I made a conscious decision to seclude myself. I was on probation for 10 years, 5 of which was supervised.
I decided I would go to college, work two jobs, and have no time to be physically around any possible threat. In that time, I slept 3 hours a day and worked myself to the bone. I wanted to have children one day after all, and how could I justify it if I had nothing to offer them? So I worked. I donated eggs a couple of times, intrigued with fertility and birth I once dreamed of being a midwife. I intended to go to school for nursing, but was told it may not be the best idea given my circumstances.
I eventually completed my education, nearly 10 years after having earned several degrees. I enjoyed learning and rationalized I would overcompensate for my dyslexia and background issue. I learned in the worst way possible it wasn’t that easy. I was honest on applications, just to be turned down with the felony as a reason. Eventually, I grew tired, wondering why anyone would waste my time interviewing me just to tell me this was a barrier. Applications aren’t consistent in how the question is asked. After 7-10 years I would answer no,when the question was specific to that time frame in some instances. I have had jobs for a couple months, to alternatively learn it was a problem despite my performance.
I have had offers, just to have them rescinded after having given my notice due to a current employer as a result of slow background checks. I have lost my position in mergers where company A signed off on it, but company B did not despite years of superior service. You wouldn’t have found a more dedicated staff member than me! I learned in time KY FCRA laws are one of few that allow lifelong checks, so the question of time frame is not relevant in the state, asking gives the wrong impression. I was married eventually. In our marriage we were having trouble conceiving. I was told I could not adopt. My only option would be to get IVF. Having donated before, I knew very specifically the cost and time for IVF, so I worked hard and I saved. I worked harder in my life than I ever had. I donated plasma, I participated in medical experiments, worked multiple jobs, began publishing & journalism in part to have a voice where I could not vote, and to stabilize income for the never ending job drama.
I did everything I could do to raise money. With that and other options we invested 30k into attempting IVF, though results were not guaranteed. The situation didn’t pan out, and the marriage ended. Nearly 20 years out, I am still considered a threat to society because a lack of knowledge that a class D felony is not the same as a class A capital offense is held against me, there’s no knowledge to distinguish the difference. I’m being retired by non-experts. Upon discovery, with shock and awe as if I am suddenly not worthy to sit in the same room as others more fortunate, time and time again I was turned down. At times, people will say “you’re are the exception, & this is unfortunate”. I can tell you, nothing makes me sicker to my stomach then knowing that redemption is considered for “exceptions”. Perhaps not going to college may have been wiser, that is what society was showing me. Moreover, I am not an exception; I am some representation of the majority. At the very least, we all make mistakes, but we move on. I was reliving the very rejection I grew up feeling in the worst way.
2nd Chances was birthed from this. Many pardon applications I’ve submitted have been overlooked at the end of administration terms, & this is how it works. I looked for a mission, an action, what I’ve been doing hasn’t been working & now was time for change. Serendipity would have it; I met a Jason Smith and eventually Crystal Powell through Facebook comments on news sources. I asked Jason if he would like to be a part of this, where he introduced me to Crystal and organically the same was asked.
At the time, we proactively shared information and passed on resources, beyond that this was the extent of what we had to offer. Concurrently I had a peer group of volunteers brainstorming with me on what should happen. It occurred to me, if we could just place people in jobs specifically with these setbacks, that’s the resolution. My experience is in analytics. So I pulled the data, I had to see it for myself, and it was substantiated. In time, the two groups merged and we are on a mission.

It seemed right to finally share my story, some people saw success of my sustained efforts and assumed it came without a  fight, even contributing resistance on my goals. Not that getting out of the gutter is permanent. They’d stereotype  that I hadn’t seen a hard day in my life and justified it. Likewise, it perpetuates a cliché in several capacities & until we dismantle those illusions across communities it will only continue, unjust as that maybe. For this purpose, for the greater good, I’ll share my story.  We will support everyone who dares to shatter stereotypes.

Again, the three biggest factors to recidivism are support system, employment & permanent home address. I find it ironic when thinking in terms of support system. Certainly that was at least a contributor to failure at the start. 50% of parolees are successful in meeting their conditions, 60% of probationers are as well. Not impressed, I wasn’t until I learned that of those 85% who return are due to technically violations such as not having a job.
1 in 4 people have some sort of criminal record. Let’s change the world together.

Courtship, Love & The Friendzone


It’s taken years for me to put into words why the term friend zone pisses me off as a woman.

  1. It’s limited to only valuing a female so long as there’s an eventual reward, quid pro quo
  2. A view that opposite sex friendships must have a physical reward; this is patriarchal, which is a short sited viewpoint
  3. The residual implies there’s a victim in a non-obligatory situation who is owed something
  4. It Assumes she intended to deceive you

Beyond insecurities, I expect that in a relationship a male should have meaningful female friends without it going south, whether he is in a relationship or not as should women. Why? Because it tells you how such a person views relationships in general, and what your role is. If a friendship is otherwise meaningless, it’s very clear the purpose in the dynamic.

Dynamics are not as complex as we think. The jealousy a women or man may feel because of a significant other having opposite sex friends, is due to any of the following

A. A valid threat

B. They do not trust their partners friend e.g. “I know how men are”, “I know how women are”

C. You’re insecure, but your feelings should still have a value, why? 

Why is this a threat? Well, that’s what the honeymoon stages represents, babies don’t make themselves, and women are just as much primal a men despite what you’ve been taught. In fact, we’re all animals, and animals linage rely on creating offspring. You will hear people say ‘men have a desire to spread their seed’ implying it’s on an unconscious level, somehow negating that women have any desire, or are strictly maternal.

Considering all of this, the honeymoon stage is no coincidence; pheromones have a proven shelf life of 6 months-2 years approximately. What does this mean? Well, it takes more work after that time, or not depending on your dynamics. Though it’s not as euphoric, which is fine since that’s not sustainable. Why do people keep relationships, we’re conscious animals, and unless we are always willing to flip the apple cart for fly-by-night feelings, we’re somewhat civilized and like consistency, at least somewhat.

The purpose of this honeymoon stage? To get some babies made, and see them through surviving the most critical portion of their development of course. Not necessarily a conscious desire of the man or women, its nature. This is why an opposite sex friend seems an option (see 1), or is a threat (see A). That is how it happens right?

Undoubtedly men are more apt to feel slighted being “friend zoned”, It’s very possible what she shared of her thoughts was only just the tip of the iceberg, perceived as it couldn’t be any deeper, likely it was. Both genders have manipulators, but it does not mean s(he) specifically intend to do so in the friend zone situation. Beyond that, let’s be fair, women always have options, men not as much so.

All people have levels, and it’s not likely your friends with anyone who doesn’t reveal their personal thoughts. Men don’t share theirs easily in western culture, and not all women are an open book. The onion starts to peel back, instincts kick in, it appears an opportunity has presented itself, and it may have, or not.

For a man, I imagine any process of witnessing this feels intimate, while to women it’s most likely an evolving process but at the very least is a byproduct of friendship ( a significant component to intimacy at the start). Timing is everything; dynamics are always shifting, and if you feel slighted see #2. Otherwise, my best wishes, sometimes it just doesn’t work out.


#*%! YouTube Legacy & Google Madness

So if you have a YouTube acct, and slowed down on posting videos for the past handful of years, and tried since you will have a rude awakening. Course this is old news for some of you, as for me I was aware of it, but unaffected as my primary channel was through another acct. 

First it began slowly, you see, I posted often directly from my phone. Back in the good old days when IPhones were awesome, I once discovered I couldn’t do so as easily. A fan of work arounds, I got an app for that. What I paid no attention to at the time, the app was needed because Google and YouTube merged. 

It later occurred to me, but whatever, I was set. Moving forward, I no longer have an IPhone and moved on to Android, to which the app does not apply. Here is where it gets interesting, back in the IPhone days I primarily used my yahoo email, which was linked my YouTube acct, now known as “Legacy You Tube”, God I feel old…

No biggie I will just log into the old timer YouTube from my yahoo, NOPE. You have to merge the two. So, you must have a Gmail, weird, but OK I have had one for several years now, link Em’! NOPE…

I dare you to find an instructional piece of information on the internet that will give you instructions that will work. You will find that if you try to log into the legacy link it’s a bit finicky about the order in which you’d have to log into both email accts to merge your YouTube. To make matters worse, if your legacy password does not work, or you’ve forgotten it (turns out if happens even if you remember it, I have the documentation to prove it) it will guide you to request it. OK, no biggie, right? NOPE…

Upon attempting to request your legacy password, for your non Gmail acct it is actually asking you for your Gmail password.. Well, if you were using your Gmail during those days you’re lucky, but anything outside of it is a train wreck constantly prompting you for a log on insisting it must be Gmail, I need my legacy password for Yahoo not Gmail, since you hijacked my vids!

Very poorly executed. I am sure Google made some mistake, purged data and is making it difficult to assure you it’s your fault. 

 That being said here are the steps I have attempted, you may as well if you’re in my shoes. 

There is hope, found this gem, we will see what happens. I am told I need to plant magic beans and wait 24 hours, more to come. 

1 works if you had a previous Gmail to your legacy acct clicky click

2 Oh, you didn’t have a Gmail back then, another email perhaps, good luck suckers. Try this clicky click

3 HAHAHAHAHA…..NOPE You got this didn’t you? clicky click 

4 Oh, ok, this will clear it up clicky click 

5 Phew! Ok, wait, wha….. Ah, yes, magic beans! clicky click 




Go to Gmail login, log in even if you have an AOL acct or something you will log into it with those credentials.

Then go to gaia and log in there

Once you are in, click on your icon to the far right in  YouTube, select add account and add it to your current email, presumably a new Gmail acct. If nothing else, log into Gmail prior to gaia link with old credentials to at least access your channel, at which you will claim the channel if it’s legacy.

I believe what’s tripping folks up on this is you would not assume to log into gmail with your other email credentials, at least it did for me.!topic/youtube/Rp7T5-hCx8A


Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is


Another day, another dollar, no biggie, just 8.5 trillion dollars missing…Fudging the numbers, & standard operating procedure as usual.

It’s amazing to think folks get up in arms with regard to perceived waste, with which is not an absolute certainty as it stands, when you consider there are actually people who need SSI & food stamps, among others for God’s sakes. Being prudent is a good thing, though I tend to believe that we’re being led by our tails intentionally in the wrong direction.

Something is for certain however; 8.5 trillion in defense is missing. $74 billion used for incarceration, among others are substantial in contributing to debt, or the money tax payers fork out to undercover industries. In the name of “war on drugs”, “though on crime”, and other smaller non violent crimes such as debtors (Child support) etc., the war industry in “protecting the country” very often has little transparency to which the people of our country can hold those making fiscal decisions accountable, especially when you consider sovereign immunity. I suppose keeping people in the dark, & distracting them works perfect when you consider communities are clearly satisfied with that, suppressing anarchy is preferable I’d say.

Sure, one could argue that you could change this by actively voting. Sure, absolutely vote, but consider electoral votes and the true value of your vote. At that, what is a president worth? Good question, I doubt we are as much of a democracy as we think we are, prove me wrong with untainted sources.

The Truth Hurts

I was checking out my daily horoscope today on & read about a transit affecting me soon, Mars opposition Chiron. I haven’t paid enough attention to my Chiron, you may not have either. Thinking about Chiron as, “Your gift is your wound” is really profound.

Mine is in Taurus, which makes so much sense when I think of all the elements of my natal chart. I calculated mine here to which it reads:

“Your Chiron Sign is Taurus

You need to bring about the fullest potential in relation to the enduring and possessive way in which you deal with possessions, with Chiron in the house of Taurus. It could be that you are too possessive or you do not allow yourself to be possessive. The solution lies within the problem; it is the other side of the problem. You may find the solution lies in helping others deal with their possessions. You may need to approach the problem in a practical and cautious manner using common sense.

Celebrities with Chiron in Taurus:

  • Sean Connery
  • Albert Einstein
  • Jim Jones
  • James Joyce
  • Grace Kelly
  • Edward Kennedy
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
  • Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Marilyn Monroe
  • Ross Perot
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt”


For more information and in depth understanding of your chart I highly recommend Valkyrie Astrology



As my trusted astrologer points out the significance of the house, it would only seem fitting to share

  1. Create your free chart at HERE.
  2. Choose “Extended Chart Selection”.
  3. Select everything in the “Additional objects” box. This will show the major asteroids in your chart. 4. If you have a particular asteroid in mind that is not in that additional objects box, then under that you will find a box called “additional asteroids or hypothetical planets”. Find the numbers of the asteroid you want from this Asteroid name/number List and add it to the box.

Note: If you would prefer a listing rather than a visual, from there click on “additional tables PDF”.


As for me, my Chiron is in my 11th house:

Chiron in 11th House

“I don’t know it all when it comes to social reform. I feel acutely sensitive about my long term goals and dreams. I can become profoundly wise by developing relationships with like-minded people. I release myself from pain when I accept my own aspirations. I reconnect with people when I realize that others experience the same problems that I do.

Chiron By House

Chiron is associated with the emotional wounds we receive early on in our lives. The sign Chiron is in will dominate but the house placing will show in which area the personality is motivated and into which they will put their efforts. In the eleventh house, it may indicate rejection from peers because of being ‘different’. You may feel some discomfort in large groups, so you only associate with people of like mind. You have a capacity for leadership, if only you would loosen-up with strangers – we are, after all, connected to everything and everyone. You have a special thing to do in this life, you ‘just’ have to realize what it is.

Café Astrology

When you have the Chiron in the 11th house, you will find problems in areas like friendship, hopes and wishes. You might have trouble making new friends during this stage. Failed attempts at making friends can make some people every reclusive. They end up closing themselves from society and go into a recluse. While a little recluse is good for reflection, a long period of time can have many adverse effects. Such feelings of loneliness that comes with a long period of recluse often make the individual to compulsively try seeking out friendship by joining different groups. The desperate need to make friends will also attract people who will eventually try to take advantage of you. Some will even have trouble holding on to their existing friends.

Chiron in the 11th house can lead you into a vicious circle regarding your friends. You might end up helping your new friends with everything they require even if it means suffering a little bit on your part. This feeling of giving may give you a little bit of satisfaction and you might think that it fills the hole of loneliness you have inside, but it won’t. That void can only be filled by real friends and people who truly care about you. Trying to do so otherwise will be trying to fetch water with a container filled with holes.

Having Chiron in the 11th house will also make you struggle to feel special. You might think that you are being rejected by everyone you know and such feelings may plunge you into a deeper hole of insecurities. Having someone in your life who is supportive and who doesn’t take you for granted will help you to overcome any such difficulties. During this stage, you should think about the various things that make you unique and special. By focusing on these traits, you will be able to find out what you have to do in life.”

Found Here, Chiron in signs & Houses

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